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Have you got your priorities in order?

There are many situations where you are at a crossroads with what action to take?

“Do I need to do this now or something else?”

“Should I train now, or tomorrow”

“Eat clean or smash something I’ll regret?”

But something that I have started to use is the “Jar” system. This is purely an analogy of what actually is important. For every individual, this will be different and take note that what you prioritize and what others do will vary MASSIVELY.

When it comes to rational thinking, it takes time and directed energy to make comprehensive decisions to your productivity and well being. But understand how and what to priorities first is of paramount importance.

The analogy is this:

The Jar = your life - this is the combination of every action you take and the reason for that action. When setting priorities it must be understood that you must understand your values to then understand what matters to you.

The Big rocks- these are things that are of most importance in your life. The things that you have a “non negotiable” mindset towards to get done to feel fulfilled and happy.

The Pebbles- These reflect the “extra time” you have and the actions you take when you have this time. Usually, this is reflected with sports, hobbies, exploration and adventure.

The Sand- This is purely bonus time or activity. If you can’t do this, it’s not the end of the world and is a “filler” such as watching Netflix or going out on the smash.

It goes without saying that understanding this will make you more productive and fulfilled during your everyday life.

Below is an example of my jar and what I deem to be the most important in my current life:

My Rocks

  • My health and performance

  • Time with Rach and my family

  • Adventure and experience (Dog preferable)

  • Personal development, learning and progressing

My Pebbles

  • Building a platform to help others discover their strengths

  • Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, very humbling haha

  • Cooking and eating out

  • My work

The Sand

  • Netflix

  • Getting on the smash

  • Social media

I'm a firm believer that there needs to be balance in your life. But understanding what needs to be done right now and what can wait can give you clarity in your decision making.

For my professionals, I make them make two jars.

1 for life, this is used to recalibrate what actually matters in their whole life. As well as what actually matters for their business. This allows them to understand what the "big rocks" are in their business and what they are actually focusing on.

“If you fill the jar too much with sand first the rocks and pebbles won’t fit” (John Bernardi, change maker)

When evaluating what is of most importance, recognize what truly matters now. This will help your perception of the situation and take control of your actions.

Big week incoming.

Stay Strong

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