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Friday Focus 🎯

The realism is that we are emotional creatures, we self-sabotage, we resort to external comfort and once we have received this we feel guilty.

The binge eating cycle is vicious due to the fact that it’s never-ending but taking responsibility and breaking it is imperative to your progression.

The Binge Eating Cycle:

⭕ Feeling Deprived - you decide right I’m dieting from now……. with no game plan, no strategy as well as tying and emotion to your eating behavior.

⭕ Urge to eat - to eat or not to eat that is the question?

⭕ Binge - You say “screw it” it's only one time (insert some form of rubbish accepting speech to yourself to go all in.

⭕ Out of control - You have no conscious behavior of your eating patterns, your starting to gain body fat but yet you still keep hammering the biscuit tin.

⭕ Diet - fall back into the “I’m eating salad” bullshit until the next time you feel deprived.

Now here is the cool way to break the cycle 👀

✅ Track your food - Knowledge is king when it comes to decision making and understanding what’s going into what’s going out will give you objective action steps to take when social occasions come.

✅ Eat like a human - This means eat real food. NOT just salad but I mean home-cooked meals with natural ingredients.

✅ Stop associating foods as good or bad - Associate them as fuel or as pleasure. Pleasure items add nothing but are needed at a party. Fuel means what you need to improve your energy, happiness and optimization.

✅ Prepare - Social occasions are a must. Don’t be that guy who’s taking weighing scales to a pizza place. But PLAN when this is going to happen, pull your calories lower on that day and get some training in!

✅ The long game - The easiest way to break the cycle is to play the long game. Nutrition isn’t dieting. Nutrition is an optimal strategy to build food you love into your life.

Nutrition is not about dieting all the time. A diet is a tool that we can use for you to find balance but if your nutrition is not sustainable then all of this will be at a lose.

Take charge, take responsibility and let’s set your standard just one level higher.

Stay Strong ⚔️

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