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My journey started from a young age with the ambition of playing professional rugby and through years of sheer grit and hours of focused training later, I achieved that goal. During my career, I played at Championship level during which time I also developed a passion for Strength and Nutrition. 

My aim now is to provide this service to people looking for a long term and sustainable change. I know how much it takes to reach high levels of performance. Precision and Scientific reasoning are huge components to improving both. But other factors also have a massive impact on results; the appropriate work ethic, resilience and making the right decisions at the right time are all paramount. 

Over the years, I’ve also developed a passion for nutrition and gained the right qualifications to educate people about fueling their performance, health and teaching them how to live life to the fullest, and to perform at the highest possible level.


Since I’ve worked in the fitness industry, I’ve clocked up over 8000 hours of personal training and nutrition coaching working with people who want to develop athletic qualities to match their lifestyle. 

The three paradigms of fitness that I aim to instill in everyone I work with are: strength, optimal health and injury prevention. I fully believe getting someone to the point of improving their health and performance increases the ability to increase physical goal success, lose body-fat and empowers them to run optimally in their current lives. 

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Which, in these busy, busy times, has to be of prime importance.’ 


Education and Certifications 

·      Masters (MSC) in Coaching Science 

·      Bachelors (BSc) Honours in Coaching Science and Strength and Conditioning 

·      Association for Nutrition: Sports Nutrition and Supplementation 

·      Body Type Nutrition Advanced Coaching Academy 

·      An active Advanced Coaching Academy member 



·      What if it’s not the food - Muscle Nerds - Luke Leaman 

·      Foundations of Nutrition - Muscle Nerds - Luke Leaman 

·      Program Design- Muscle Nerds- Luke Leaman an

·      Layne Norton’s Lifting camp 

·      6 months personal training and business mentorship with Mark Coles 

·      Dimetri Klokov Weight lifting camp 

·      Dr. Jon Rusins Pain-Free Performance Specialist (PSSN) 

·      98 gym Foundations

·      Opex Movement 

·      Opex Programming Principles 

·      The Ready State- The foundations of mobility

·      Metabolic Fitness Pro- Brain Walsh- Current

·      Mentorship with Kev Toonen, 98 gym- Programming

·      Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint - NSCA   




·      Professional rugby player for Doncaster Knights (2014-16)

·      Gloucester and Leicester Tigers A-league 

·      Gloucester Academy 

·      8 years RFU National 1 

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