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PAUL LIM, I’m a purple belt in BJJ training in Evolve MMA.

Previously i was doing conventional weight training. While there was progress in the weight I was lifting, there was a lack of functional strength carried over onto the mats. Will Foden designed a Strength and Conditioning programme for movements commonly used in Jiu Jitsu. One example was paused box squats, where one had to generate force from a static position to lift the weight. This is similar from the guard position in BJJ when one is sitting on the ground trying to sweep an opponent.

The training programme was well structured and there were various training blocks to target strength, power and endurance. The intensity of the training was high and time effective which gave me adequate time for BJJ. Over the course of 6 months I was able to gain muscle mass, lift more weight, had more strength and endurance during BJJ training and saw little to no injury on the matsTwo weeks prior to SEA games we did four cycles of lactate threshold which was an hour long cardio session. The cardio was handy as I was cutting weight from 73kg to 69kg.

On the day of competition I felt strong and confident after replenishing water and carbohydrates. I managed to finish my first match by submission in 13 seconds. The semi finals was a tough 6 minutes match where I lost by an advantage. Despite feeling tired after the match I was able to recover quickly due to the lactate threshold training. I felt fresh during the bronze medal match and was able to win  6-0 on points.  

I am really thankful for Will Foden’s guidance and training programme and strongly recommend it to other athletes in Combat sports.

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Why did you come to train with me?: I’ve known Coach Will through BJJ and found that he was an excellent personal trainer. I decided to drop him a message to see if he could help me out in preparing for my BJJ competitions that were coming up and he gladly offered me his help.

What was your problem?:
It was hard for me to find a programme that was specific to BJJ but since Coach Will does BJJ as well, he knew what to give me to improve my performance on the mat.


What are the top three things you have learnt?:
1. Carbs are your friend
2. Sleep is extremely important
3. Technique over ego


What current plan are you on?:
Looking to increase strength and power while slowly losing weight to prepare for the World Championships!


What results have you achieved training?:
I’ve been working with Coach Will for almost a year and I’ve definitely gotten a lot stronger and kept myself injury free. My weight has also gone down but it hasn’t affected my strength as I followed the program and kept my diet in check as much as I could given my busy schedule.

Since I started working with Coach Will, I became:

Ju-jitsu Thailand Open Grand Prix Champion
IBJJF Asian Open Champion
SEA Games Silver Medalist

I felt physically so much stronger each competition I participated thanks to the advices Coach Will has given.

What would you say to someone considering training with me?:
Coach Will is definitely the man. He not only gives out excellent programs, the advice he’s given me has really helped me to improve as a BJJ athlete. He also always checks up on me regularly which I feel is important for a coach to track their clients progress. Overall, I’m extremely happy to to be working with Coach Will and I’m looking forward to overcoming more challenges with him by my side.

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Why did you come to train with me? - was getting fat and bored. I didn't know Will before we started training, but I couldn't have gotten luckier.

What was your problem? - literally never been in a gym before, basically.

What are the top three things you have learnt? 1. 125kg deadlift, baby. 2. build routines and you'll get there. 3. Will is hilarious.

What current plan are you on? I moved to Amsterdam, and am currently doing Crossfit.

What results have you achieved training? Got way stronger. Also look better in a bikini. More importantly than that - I can't imagine my life not going to the gym 3 times a week. I travel a lot, and so I switched to a fully remote programme for the last year. Will has given me a programme that allows me to train and reach my goals, wherever I am. I sound like a twat, but working out has become something that gives my life structure.

What would you say to someone considering training with me? You're in for a ride. Will knows a tonne, loves getting into the detail, but he's also really fun to hang out with. I loved training with him, would recommend to everyone. He made me want to be better!

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Why did you come to train with me?


It had got out of control and I need to rest. I took on the challenge with Will to reclaim my health and fitness again. I Trained with Will for a year and a half. In that time, I can honestly say that he changed my life. I lost 25kg of body fat as well as increasing my strength and performance to compete in the Spartan obstacle course league. 


What are the top three things you have learnt? 


-Don’t just focus on loosing weight. That will come, but will take time. You need mini goals in your program to hit along to the way. 

-Make fitness a habit, being consistent is the key to long term results.

-If you want to make drastic change you need to be all in and open to changes in your current life to succeed.


What current plan are you on?


I’ve now moved to Bangkok for work and am now training at a new gym. 


What results have you achieved training?


-25kg body fat loose

-Put 50kg on my 3rm Deadlift total (100-160kg) 

-Completed the trifector @spartan 

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I as a fellow Coach working alongside Will in the gym I knew he would be the perfect guy to Coach me on getting me to the next level in my training through his online platform. 

He knew my strengths, could see my weaknesses and understood my goals. With all of these, he has been programming for me for the last year and the results just keep coming. I train hard, eat right and listen to everything he tells me. The rest is up to me to chase after it.  

I can’t wait to see where the rest of the year takes me, pushes me to my limits and continues to help me to achieve my goals. This dude knows his stuff, he’s a great person to learn from and extremely passionate!

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Name: Petric Goulart


Why did you come to train with me? The first time was actually the other trainer that told me to have a session with you remember? Then I found your style/approach very professional and move all my daily classes with you.


What was your problem? Problem.... always burning the candle both sides, although training every day, I was also out for lunch dinner drinks basically every day.... and was hard to stay fit... but we did manage. 


What are the top three things you have learnt?  To get more fuel, Keep it going and that even chicken arms can change hahaha


What current plan are you on? I'm right now training from my had when I can as I've been traveling around and no routine at all so quite complicated.


What results have you achieved training? Man, when I left Singapore 21st June last year I was exactly where I wanted to be... ripped, with veins out hahaha


What would you say to someone considering training with me? If you are looking for someone that knows his things Will is your guy. He Is ultra diligent and professional, results will come fast if you follow it properly. (even if you still drinking and training they come hahaha)

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 Why did you come and train with me? 


I came for two reasons.

1- I had a stag do coming up and realised that I needed to get myself back on track with my fitness.

2- I Was getting aches and pains at work and when playing with my kids and I realised this wasn’t on. 


What was your problem? 

I was just turning up to my local gym and just doing “stuff”. I had no plan, no reason to train and after coming to train with Will I realised I had not trained at that intensity for a while. I also realised that by getting stronger and fitter I was actually being a better role model for my boys. 


What are the top three things you have learnt? 

  • Don't leave it too late to start. We didn’t have long to get me in shape so we had to work hard to get me there.

  • Balance is key, work and life get in the way and understanding this is important when trying to train.

  • Will always said that we could do that extra rep which I would have never done on my own. 


What results have you achieved training?

  • Lost 4kg of body fat 

  • Put 40kg on my deadlift 

  • Got way fitter on my runs and when I was cycling I wasn’t getting tired. 

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