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Be Daring, Be Different and Be Decisive and Take Action

Last week I was lucky enough to be on the Tim Castle Show talking all things Fitness, mindset, and resilience.

I'm lucky to know Tim Castle, author of the phenomenal book "Be the Loin". If you haven't invested in anything or feel that you are stuck in your current state of mind or life his book is a road map to giving you back the power to start building the lifestyle you have always wanted and desired.

I first read his book whilst in Lombok, where the pages actually spoke out to me in such a way and had to meet him. Since we first caught up its been a privilege and an honor to be able to collaborate and bounce ideas off him, as we all know iron sharpens iron and all that.

Through his podcast we dive deep into what made me the way I am why my values are centered around building people up and giving them the skills, tools, and actions to be able to take control of their own destiny and goals:

- How did I get over the toughest period of my life?

- My journey from professional athlete to businessman and coach.

- How to develop a mindset which cant be broken?

- Nutrition strategies for busy professionals looking to get back on the wagon and take back their health and fitness.

- Explain that there isn't an option when it comes to progression.

- How to take an uncertain situation and place yourself in the right mindset, tackle, and overcome your challenges.

As people will know, my personal mission is about developing people into the strongest people possible. This doesn't just mean how much weight you can lift, this means how strong you are from a mind, body, and soul perspective.

Go for a walk, get your earphones in and this podcast will give you the direction you need to place yourself back onto the path of progress and fulfillment.

available on:

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Stay Strong


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