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What is Will Foden Strength and Nutrition

Welcome to my new site. The ambition is to pass on new information, explain how and why I am the way I am, the reasons why I coach the way I do and the reason why I want to coach others to demand more from themselves, be resilient and accountable for their actions.

What Will Foden Strength and Nutrition is and what it stands for?

There are two main things that fascinate me and that I believe are the most important attributes to training and lifestyle:

Performance- I believe that everyone has the right to run and perform optimally as much as possible. I also endeavour to teach and coach people on what they are actually trying to achieve by expressing what they need to learn. There are three main elements that equate to high end performance and these are:

-Physical strength and performance

-Mental/emotional intelligence

-Skills and learning.

Now I don't aim to just teach these to athletes. I believe that everyone is their own athlete, with the desire to better themselves and their families and not accepting the average style of living that society adheres to in this day and age. By bettering your performance and health you will not only be able to take on life but you will be able to enjoy and feel liberated through your physical and mental being.

Nutrition- Gone are the days where everything is about fad diets and the next best 'weight loss' plan. My ambition is to educate and instils nutritional values that will vastly improve your health, body composition as well as performance whilst teaching you the ability to be able to enjoy food again, socialise and not be dieting for 365 days a year. Accountability, understanding, scientific planning and research all encompass what real long term performance driven nutrition is.

These two attributes to lifestyle and training are my two main drivers that fit into everyones lifestyle. We all should aspire to perform better, be healthier and enjoy our lives more through experience. Over the next couple of weeks ill be writing about how these are and can be measured, what are the most important things to watch out for when it comes to training and lifestyle and begin to unravel fitness and nutrition myths to empower you with scientific driven knowledge to apply to your training and your life.

Until next time

Your Coach


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